Nationwide Services

We haul everything from toasters to TV Guide– furniture, electronics, clothing, building and automobile supplies,

Image of NW facility

magazines and newspapers, even wings for a 707, once. Just about anything but HazMat.

Our experienced people, state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology ensure a safe, efficient ride for our customer’s cargo. You see, we treat it like it’s our own.

And we take it anywhere in the Southeast– from Menominee to Key West, from Johnson’s Bayou to Old Tappan and all points in between.


Ever wonder who gets Time there on time?

Whether bound for retail destinations or the USPS, many of the southeast’s premier publishers, printers, wholesalers and distributors use Nationwide Southeast to consolidate and ship tons of time-sensitive materials to hundreds of locations every week. Materials like national magazines including People, Newsweek and TV Guide. Printing run late off the presses? Not to worry– we’ll work with you to get every piece to its destination on time.

We’ve been solving difficult, time-critical, shipping problems since 1979. On time, every time and at surprisingly low rates. If you need to see measurable savings on the weekly shipping of items weighing 50 lbs or more, it’s time we talked.


Giving the bean counters something to smile about.

Manufacturers and retailers find our superior service, on-time appointment deliveries and competitive rates worth a grin. Take Rooms-to-Go, for example. Without our Truck Load Delivery service, beds might be in Birmingham, instead of Baton Rouge; sofas in Shreveport instead of St. Petersburg.

And our Electronic Data Interchange service allows document production and retrieval, two-way messaging and appointment scheduling. So you know what we know, when we know it.

Accountants, if you need something to smile about, tell your shipping and receiving department to give us a call. We can help.


Through the bundle of services we provide, you can be sure your shipment will arrive on time, every time. Our experience, knowledge and creative problem-solving result in superior benefits for our customers.

• the fastest possible service
• lower costs
• one-stop shopping
• decreased shipment errors
• security
• eliminate re-deliveries
•enhanced tracing
• accurate accounting
• real-time status updates from start to finish
• enhanced sell-through of periodicals at retail

Newspaper Insert, Magazine & Book Distribution

With over 20 years experience, Nationwide is the expert in time-sensitive print distribution. This unique service starts with shipment pickup at various origin points on a scheduled basis, followed by inbound transportation to one of our distribution centers. There, each shipment is consolidated with shipments from other producers and delivered on an optimally-sequenced route for “Just-in-Time” deliveries.

We excel in:

• Long-haul transportation from printing plants to break-bulk facilities
• Break-up, sort and consolidation of shipments into retail bundles and shrink-wrapped pallets
• Delivery to wholesalers, distributors and retail outlets in our equipment.

Bulk Mail Distribution

When it comes to working with the USPS in the Southeastern U.S., there’s no one better than Nationwide. By taking freight from the point of production to the closest feasible USPS entry point for the final destination, we provide a unique and invaluable service to bulk mail producers.

In the case of USPS deliveries, shipments are consolidated by destination at our service center. The consolidated shipments are then distributed into BMC, SCF and DDU routes at our destination terminal. A maximum of two cross-docking consolidation handlings are allowed.

We have also implemented the USPS computerized appointment system (DSAS) for scheduling shipment deliveries.

We offer:

• Break-up, sort and consolidation of shipments by BMC
• Long-haul transportation from printing plants to all USPS BMC & SCF facilities meeting drop-ship discount criteria for Standard Classes A & B and Periodicals
• Delivery to USPS DDU facilities according to volume
• Regular daily or semi-weekly to all BMCs and SCFs in the southeast

Truck Load Consolidation

Designed for the large contract shipper, our Truck Load Delivery (or Load-to-Ride) delivers freight directly from the point-of-origin to a single or multiple destinations within the Southeast as well as nationally. We also handle intermodal shipments out of Savannah, Charleston, and Memphis.

There is consolidation or distribution down to the SCF level– Truck Load Delivery is made possible by a properly route-sequenced shipment loaded at the origin. The shipper communicates all necessary information to us via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), e-mail, or fax prior to production staging; we then send sequencing advice to the producer for shipment control.

Nationwide Logistics Service

As a 3rd party provider, we are effectively an agent for the freight producer. We mix the loads for maximum cost-savings and warehouse shipments for a reasonable period of time at no charge– shipping the goods to arrive in-home at specified dates.

We can handle all inbound and outbound shipments, including intermodal containers, for everything from raw material sources to production plants, or finished printed matter to destination points-of-entry for USPS delivery.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our Logistics’ EDI program electronically retrieves bills of lading, manifests, and other documents from a mailer’s computer, (or VAN), and produces all necessary documents for freight transportation and invoicing. Customers can access our system to retrieve information on shipment status, proof-of-delivery, rating, and billing. Customers can even send messages to, and receive messages from, us.